Lapidary Work

Lapidary work is a craft of working, forming and finishing stones, minerals and gemstones, and other suitably durable material into functional and/or decorative, even wearable, items.

All kinds of lapidary work is carried out including re-polishing, repairing and designing of modern cuts.

Gemstones cut to your specifications,

Specialized on emerald, sapphire and tanzanite.


There are many styles of lapidary. The following are the most common types:

  • Tumbling – least expensive and actually the simplest style; rough material is put in a revolving barrel with abrasives; a polish is obtained using finer abrasives in succession.
  • Cabbing is cutting cabochons – and that is the most widespread method of gemstone cutting (flat bottom and domed top)
  • Faceting is the style of cutting, which produces several geometrical arranged flat surfaces on the gemstone surface. Its purpose is to reveal the radiance of the gemstone by light entering the stone and reflecting off the bottom facets.
  • Carving is gemstone engraving: cameo (raised relief image), relief intaglio (design cut into the flat background of the gemstone), reverse intaglio (design cut on the back of the gemstone).